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4Rnd Common Word

DESCRIPTION: Link Google PlayThe best way to create a secure and easy to remember password? That's easy: pick 4 random words and put them together, one by one. "4 Words Random" shuffles more than half a million words in three different languages: it means 3.9 x 10 ^ 21 combinations, literally more numerous than the stars in the sky. And, as if that were not enough, you can replace letters random, in order to exponentially increase the number of passwords to create.- 3 languages (Italian, English, French)- More than half a million random words to choose- Almost 4 trillion possible combinations- Random change of the generated words- Function "copy and paste" enabled- Lightweight application (it takes up less than 10MB)
INSTRUCTIONS: Tap the "plus" and enjoy the random word.You can choose 3 languages (Italian, English, French)


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